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About Us

About Us

Mitra Kerta Persada is a company engaged in logistics service provider.

PT.MITRA KERTA PERSADA, better known as PERSADA LOGISTICS, having its main office in Jakarta INDONESIA, also supported by other branch offices in Banjarmasin, Surabaya,



We understand what kind of goods will be sent to the various processes through which work and all it needed professional skills.

We always provide advise in case of delivery with our customers to improve services and reduce overhead costs customer.

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Contact Us


Physical Address:
Rukan French Walk G.28 Kelapa Gading Square
Jl Boulevard Barat Raya Jakarta 14240 Indonesia

+62 21 45867212

  • Project Cargo
  • Air Forwarding
  • Ocean Forwarding
  • Distributions
  • Customs Clearance
  • Inventory Management

Project Cargo

Mindset breakbulk cargo often brings to mind overweight, oversized, pieces of equipment that require special types of handling, movement, and storage.

The handling of these items require or needs the expertise of stevedores forwarders and port authorities.

We can handle your oversize cargo or we can process delivery your requirement for oveloadsize,Truck and heavy haul.

Persada have a team can delivery this cargo with safety cocerns and handling with clearly

Air Forwarding

We care for customer goods with shipment urgently. Handling and shipment by air is priority to delivery ontime. Otherwise we prepare all our branches and agencies to focus in this shipment.

Ocean Forwarding

Since global trade is increase, and we need a partner in overseas to support our activity in export and import by sea shipment.

We have service door to door for all shipment in around world and so that we got some patner in overseas, where is they support in handling origin.

So then we can arange from china, europe, midleast, interasia, america to handling cargo with system term ex work basis.

If need our service we can arrange and help to bring you with minimum cost.


Our Distributions route is all indonesia province, Persada doing this distibution by LTL or sea freight specially to Kalimantan.

Our service is delivery by inland (Less Trucking Load) and sea freight. we provide requirement as customer need.

Service HSE in our truck is must to meet safety concerns.

Customs Clearance

Indonesian customs in the recent years has gradually shown a great improvement in its services. All activities at customs have become more transparent and on schedule.

As expected of a specialist logistics provider, Our Company constantly works closely and over times has established and maintained professional working relationship with Customs Officials.

Our team is able to answer any questions and provides solutions regarding customs long before your shipment commences and further manages your product deliveries in the most efficient procedure.

Inventory Management

Future development is the aim of any company. One way to speed up the process is through increasing product value.

To get to that point, accurate as well as controlled flow of production is essential.

Our service offers inventory or stock control management at our warehouse or at a facility dedicated to your own inventory needs. The system is designed to reduce operating cost and cycle time at your warehouse.